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SRP & AURPO Joint Position Statement on 5G Transmitters (June 2020)

Veterinary Radiation Blog (2021)


Environment Agency / SEPA

The Environment Agency on the Principles for the Assessment of Prospective Public Doses arising from Authorised Discharges of Radioactive Waste to the Environment (September 2012)

Environmental Authorisations (Scotland) Regulations 2018

Updates from the EA (2020)


Health and Safety Executive

Radiation Community

Updates from the HSE (2020)



Radiation Controlled Area and Equipment Handover Form (August 2018)



The EUTERP Foundation is recognised by its Associates, National Contact Points and the European Competent Authorities as the focus for radiation protection training information for RPEs, RPOs and radiation workers.

Resources (March 2021)


Journal of Radiological Protection

Selected articles:

The status of the radiation safety culture within the higher education, research and teaching sectors in the UK (2020)

Integration of risks from multiple hazards into a holistic ALARA/ALARP demonstration (2018)

The advantages of creating a positive radiation safety culture in the higher education and research sectors (2015)

Strategies for engaging with future radiation protection professionals: a public outreach case study (2015)

A fit for purpose training programme for the decontamination of personnel (2015)

Evidence for age-related performance degradation of 241Am foil sources commonly used in UK schools (2014)



Information on Managing Collections of Radioactive Items including Radium Dials (Feb 2020)
Rowe, S., 2018. Managing Small Radioactive Collections in the UK: Experiences from the Polar Museum, Cambridge.
Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies, 16(1), p.4.

NPL Good Practice Guide No.113 – The examination and testing of electronic personal dosemeters (Feb 2011)

Radioactivity in Food and the Environment, 2009 RIFE – 15 [Link 1] [Link 2]

HPA-CRCE-012 - Frequency and collective dose for medical and dental X-ray examinations in the UK, 2008

Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel Nuclear Data Table. Recommended data (decay schemes, transitions emissions etc.) for more than 200 radionuclides with detailed comments describing how these values were obtained.