A number of guidance documents have been produced by the Association.

Only Guidance on the Safe Use of LASERs and the RPO Position Statement is available to download by non-members.

Members can login to download the other guidance documents. Access is via the Members area of this site. If you have difficulty with your login please contact the web site help.

Association Documents

The associations constitution is available for download here.

The terms of reference for the Executive Committee can be downloaded here.

Guidance Documents

Radiation Protection: Handbook for Laboratory Workers (2011) (Update of the HHSC Handbook – Invaluable)

Monitor Testing – Guidance Note (December 2009)

Transport of Radioactive Materials by Road – Guidance Note (September 2010)

Working with Ionising Radiations in Research and Teaching (July 2010 update)

Guidance Note on Use of Non-Ionising Radiations in Research and Teaching (2013 Edition)

Guidance on the Safe Use of Lasers in Education and Research (February 2018)

The AURPO Radiation Protection Officer Position Statement (2017)


Although these guidance documents are an attempt to provide accurate and useful information, neither the Authors nor the publishers make any warranty, express or implied, with regard to accuracy, omissions and usefulness of the information that it contains. Neither do the Authors nor the publishers assume any liability with respect to the use, or subsequent damages resulting from the use, of the information contained in the work.