Job Advertising

Pre-advertising Conditions

To place a job advert it should satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Relevant to radiation protection.
  2. Relevant to the community that AURPO serves (higher education, research and teaching).
  3. Further information available on the agency / employer / organisation’s website.
  4. Direct contact information provided for the agency / employer / organisation.
  5. Pay the necessary fee, if applicable.


A fee of £150 to advertise on the Jobs page of our website is payable. This will cover either a 1 month period or until the closing date of applications, which ever is the sooner.
If your advert coincides with an e-mail communication or a newsletter to the AURPO membership, it will be included, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Note: Payment of fees is not applicable to Affiliate Members of The Association as this feature is included in your annual membership.


The Association of University Radiation Protection Officer’s does not:

  1. Handle job applications for advertised jobs.
  2. Take queries from potential applicants on advertised jobs.
  3. Provide statistics on number of views or click through rates.
  4. Guarantee the number of people the job advert will reach or view it.
  5. Send e-mails or newsletters to its members purely for advertising jobs.
  6. Make its membership list available for this or any other purpose.
  7. Provide refunds, if the advert was successfully placed on the publicly accessible area of The Association’s website at least 48-hours before the closing date of the application.


Please send the following information to

  1. Job title and employer.
  2. Person specification.
  3. Further particulars, including where possible: salary, permanent / temporary / fixed-time, full-time / part-time / flexible, location etc.
  4. Link to the location of the application form or details on how to apply.
  5. Link to information about the employer / organisation.
  6. Closing / expiry date.
  7. Company logo, in jpg, gif, tiff or png format, at least 150 x 150px.
  8. Purchase Order for £150 (if a fee is payable). If your organisation does not issue purchase orders, please request an invoice.

The Honorary Treasurer and Web Administrator will endeavour to respond and process the query, and job advert in a timely manner. However, please understand that The Association is run by volunteers who also work full-time, so please give as much notice as possible.