Radiation Protection Expert Qualifications

AURPO has contributed to discussions on an options appraisal document, that was prepared by SRP to be presented to the HSE and the EA. The subject of this document is possible changes to the process of attaining Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) qualifications and to the establishment of a qualification process for Medical Physics Experts. As such, it could have a significant effect on AURPO members and so we are asking for your views. You should be aware that the first draft was issued late in April and there was only time for one brief meeting before the document had to be submitted to the regulators; by a deadline that had been agreed with SRP. Neither AURPO nor IPEM were prepared to say that they agreed with all of the views expressed in the document. You can find the document in the members section of this web-site. If you do not know how to access the members section please contact websitehelp@aurpo.org.uk.