Association Documents

Constitution of the Association

AURPO’s Constitution document¬†sets out how the Association runs and how formal business must be conducted. It is important that all members read and understand its contents.

Terms of Reference for the Executive Committee

AURPO’s business is handled Executive Committee on behalf of the Association’s members. The Executive Committee is comprised of AURPO members as set out in the Constitution. In order for business to be conducted in a fair and transparent way, the Executive Committee’s Terms of Reference must be followed.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held at the Annual Conference. All eligible members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting so that you may voice your views and have input into the running of The Association. The Executive Committee appreciates and supports feedback from members as to what they want from The Association.

Prior to each AGM, relevant documents are published in the Members Area of the website. If you are a member, please login to to view the papers, which consist of reports from the President, Secretary, Treasurer and other members of the Executive Committee and, the Scientific and Technical Committee.