Higher Education Research & Teaching (HERT)

Radiation Protection Safety Culture Survey


Dear Radiation Protection Colleagues and Radiation Workers,

As part of a process initiated by the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), the Association of University Radiation Protection Officers (AURPO) is undertaking work to look at Radiation Protection (RP) Safety Culture within Higher Education, Research and Teaching.

Of particular interest is the development of tools which can be used to measure the current state of RP Culture and develop it in a positive direction.

As part of this, a brief online survey has been developed by a working group within AURPO to take a snapshot view of the state of RP Culture across the Higher Education sector.

If you are a University Radiation Protection Officer, please can you direct your radiation workers to this page? We need as many responses as possible to obtain reliable evidence on which to base our findings.

If you are involved in work with radiation (e.g. academic staff, lab technicians, lab managers, principal investigators, post-doc research assistants, and post-graduate students); please complete all questions in the survey as far as they apply to your work, both ionising and non-ionising radiations, e.g. radioactive materials, x-ray sets, cyclotrons, lasers, UV sources, and MRI.

The questionnaire has been written to pose minimal risk: it does not ask for personal details, nor does it ask for information on radiation sources that could compromise security. Questionnaire responses will be treated confidentially.


The survey is generously hosted by the University of Hull and can be accessed here:



Many thanks for you participation,

HERT Working Group